Monday, January 25, 2010

Bind This Blog In Leather

I'm laughing already. Seriously. Just at the title. "Bind This Blog In Leather."

That's just the way I feel about it. That it's good.

I could write about the weather today -- I could do it easily because it's been terrible. A few little taps of my fingers, feeling very nimble today would be all it'd take. Some bouncing of my wrists as my fingers did their thing and it'd be accomplished. Cut and dried.

But I don't like filling up this blog -- a precious blog -- with news about the weather. Because the weather will have changed by tomorrow and my weather post would be old news. Instead of that, I like to put some serious thought and attention into something more conceptual, something that can stand the test of time.

That's what most of my posts are here. They're rock solid, good stuff. And people who like good writing will be reading them 20 years from now and really enjoying themselves. That's what I like when I see someone reading my blog. I might be walking through a hospital waiting room, just walking through like an average person. And I'll see someone sitting there reading my blog. They'll be laughing. It's good for their soul and it's good for mine.

One day this happened, not too long ago, and I was thinking, "Should I go up to the guy and reveal to him that I, apparently an average person passing by, am in fact the author of what he was reading?" I came that close to spilling the beans, but then I thought, "Nahh, it's kind of cool to be anonymous."

So you can tell I have a lot of pride in these posts. Especially when I think (at times) how effortless it is for me to do it. I might not even have a hint of an idea, like tonight, then I'll sit at the computer for a minute, open it up, and just start. Before you know it, I've come up with something truly inspired. I guess I'm thinking about that guy in the hospital and others. People at their job, people on breaks, maybe even at the White House, wanting a quick diversion, so they click on my blog and they go away satisfied.

I know there'll be times when I'm feeling a little blue myself. What I'll do is look at my archives -- I've written over 600 posts, close to 700 -- and I'll just click one at random. It lifts my spirits to know that I wrote that. That's one part of it. And it brightens my day because I might've forgotten it somewhat, and it'll even catch me by surprise and I'll have a quick laugh. It makes me doubly proud.

This blog is one of the most satisfying things in life that I do. So obviously I wouldn't want to fill it up with weather reports, grocery lists, or commentary on the news of the day. Those things have such a short shelf life. But funny stuff, insightful stuff, like I put out, that's something that you can look back on years later and appreciate.

If they ever bind this blog, I believe it should be bound in leather, then set on every bookshelf in America, the ones at least that want only the best books.

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