Thursday, January 14, 2010

No "Drive For Pride" Review Is Possible

I have determined that it is impossible for me to do a full review of the "Drive for Pride" project as it existed in 2009.

I looked back through the archives for a few minutes, refreshing my memory on certain aspects of the "Drive for Pride." It looked more extensive and more complicated than I remember writing at the time. At the time, I felt like I was master of the whole scheme. And I guess I was, since it was in the moment. But now that that time has passed, and I don't regularly read my own writings in the aftermath, just looking at it, it looks momentous, huge, and imposing.

The short answer is it is impossible for me, with my busy schedule and current interests, to engage myself and take the time to do a full review of the project. Earlier today I thought that would be helpful for myself and the readers of this blog. Obviously it would be helpful, to help get us all on the same page. Because maybe your memory is like mine ... and a refresher on the whole thing would get your back up to speed.

I really would like to do it, but as I've said, I feel that it's impossible.

Right off the bat, when looking at it, I noticed something interesting. Everything did not come to a screeching halt when I was criticized about whether spines can be made of steel (a figure of speech) or whether they should always be considered bone (as they literally are). When I reviewed some of the archives today, I saw that I continued on for a respectable little while after that criticism hit the fan.

Which is funny, because that's what I associate with being the end of the "Drive for Pride." Maybe when you telescope it with hindsight, it really was the end. But when you look back at the historical record, there were some additional entries following the brouhaha that her criticism caused.

I invite (and welcome) anyone to browse my archives -- Sept., Oct., Nov. 2009, in that vicinity -- and see what some of the "Drive for Pride" topics were. It's all quite interesting. And if I get it started again -- let's say it happens -- I'll hope to match the quality of some of the posts of those days, posts that I have for the most part forgotten.

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