Friday, January 15, 2010

"Drive For Pride" -- Do It Or Drop It

Boy, oh boy. Another day has come and practically gone. I've really noticed over the last year how hard it is to write a daily thing. And that's really true when you're seeking to put forth something that will do people a lot of good and you know that so many people are counting on you. It's tough.

I remember seeing some footage on TV once, where a helicopter was swooping in to help some people in dire straits, and the guy dipped the thing a little low, while they were throwing out the rice, blankets, and beer, and the frantic natives grabbed on to it and I believe pulled it down. They either pulled it down and it crashed or the pilot lifted it and shook them off and flew to safety.

Regardless of the outcome of that particular incident, and I'm sure it's been repeated countless times in every disaster we've had since the invention of the helicopter, that's how I feel when it comes time to serve the public in this daily column. It's tough to swoop in, then see that the need for pride, confidence, self-esteem, and a basic understanding in the lifestyle sciences is so great that one man can barely keep up, let alone that man being me. I haven't really had the training -- I'll admit it -- but my intuition (and experience) is pretty good on a limited basis.

But I take the responsibility very seriously. I do not want even a baby bird to suffer, so of course I feel a lot of sympathy for the seething masses at my door, in a manner of speaking. Nature has her way. I can't help every baby bird, so some are going to be missed. Yet how precious is each one, and certainly that goes for you and the thousands of others who show up at this blog everyday for help and guidance.

(You and I are something of a team. So let me ask you, and I'm not going to be checking your answer to see if it's true -- I'll just trust you -- have you bought a book or something that I've been advertising through yet? It would be good for my own well being, in this case financial, since Amazon and I are partners and we split the money 50/50, or some other percentage, 85/15 or 90/10. One of those I get, but which I still need to find out. Today's ad is for a Feng Shui book. We used to mince feng shui and mix it with chop suey ... very delicious.)

Anyway, the bottom line is this, I'm seriously thinking about -- even pushing for -- a return to the "Drive for Pride." At the very least, I promise that I won't be dangling it before you forever. It'll be known in the next few days, so thanks for your patience, whether it's going to happen. I will make the choice, either to do it or drop it all together.

I believe my choice essentially is being made for me, because, again, you are in great need.

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