Friday, January 1, 2010

The Rose Parade Went Off Without A Hitch

Back in September I had the wild idea of a guy sabotaging the entire Rose Parade. I forgot all about it until today when I saw a few minutes of the Rose Parade. Then I suddenly remembered!

Thinking about the guy who might've done it, I'm sure he would've been watching with great interest to see if his little scheme would've worked. Although he probably would've heard of it by now -- that the Parade would've been in trouble -- since he probably would've also had a subscription to the newspaper in Pasadena, or at the very least have been monitoring the news from there by the internet.

If the panic had happened, on the part of float makers, contractors, builders, and all the rest, everything would've had to have gone to pot well before January 1. It seems like they would need to have everything well in place before the beginning of December, because everything has to go in a step by step process to get such a huge production accomplished.

Seriously, I'm glad they were able to have the Rose Parade. It would've been a tragedy if they hadn't had it. 1) They probably would've been looking for me, to see if I had some inside information on the sabotage. Of course I didn't. It was just a thought piece. But that doesn't mean there couldn't be a guy who read my post -- or happened to have the same idea on his own -- who would then want such a scheme to become a reality.

But it'd be tough for him to get all the pieces in place. He'd have to have some dumb luck as well. He would need an awful lot of things to go his way, probably too many, against such a team that the Rose Parade people no doubt have, having 100 years of successful parades under their belts.

Anyway, it was interesting to suddenly remember the whole scheme. And it was a relief to know that the guy didn't do it. There was no guy. I don't know the guy.

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