Monday, January 18, 2010

"Drive For Pride" -- Be Constantly At It

One of the worst things that I'm conscious of in life is the gap between a potential threat and a potential resolution.

Into every life rain must fall, they say. And to live is to suffer. So it's not surprising when bad things (or potentially bad things) happen. We work to avoid them, then something happens anyway.

When one of these situations comes up -- as they often do -- for me it's a draining things. A withering experience. Then after it's over I tell myself I need to work on that, so that next time I'm facing it with some equilibrium.

That's what we're supposed to get out of our spiritual traditions, such as "Do not worry about tomorrow, for the evil of this day is sufficient." True, true, true. But how to practice it? That's the thing.

But if every time there's a setback or even a perceived threat of one it's a withering experience, then you still have a ways to go. I know I do!

The lesson for me -- and I hope I don't forget it, even though I likely will -- is to be working on my foundations in the good times, then maybe it won't be so bad when it is bad. Just be constantly at it, taking out time for bathroom breaks, meals, sleeping, and hobbies. Don't let a day go by without some positive soul searching or soul feeding.

The whole thing -- pride, self-esteem, confidence -- has a foundation, and as far as I'm concerned that's it. It's like eating, except it's nutrition for your soul. I had one of these withering experiences today ... and I wasn't fully ready. So that's something to work on harder for me!

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