Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Interesting Way To Spell Biscuit


Now there's a good rock group name. I doubt if there's a group that's already got it. "Hi, we're Bzikgut, pronounced Biscuit."

I was driving along thinking of group names. I don't know music (except what I like), but I occasionally come up with a killer group name. Like that one.

Or another, that I thought of while looking at cars illegally parked on snowy streets: SNOW ORDINANCE. "Hi, we're Snow Ordinance." It's very catchy.

But my killer name for the day has to be Bzikgut!

UPDATE: I do realize there is a group called Limp Biskit. If they had any sense they'd change it to Limp Bzikgut, then immediately drop the Limp and pay me a big finder's fee for this weirder spelling of Biscuit. Really, why limp when you don't have to?

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