Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Evidence In: Latest Rapture, March 20, 2032!

The Rapture did not happen on May 21, 2011. We repeat, it did not happen on May 21, 2011.

This just in, additional evidence now suggests the actual date as March 20, 2032.

We've been working with Harold Camping's data, feeding it into a Super VIC-20 routed through our own Bibletron 316 software. The key thing to say about his study and figures, they're 100% accurate. It's stunning, yes.

However, this is also true, Mr. Camping left out one Scripture, much as he did in 1994 when he failed to take into account important data from the prophet Jeremiah. He retooled, factored in Jeremiah, then went with the 2011 date. Big mistake, but entirely forgivable, because it allows us to take his information one step further and add to it one critical data point.

What Mr. Camping failed to account for was Revelation 8:1: "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour." There will be no Rapture until this space of about 30 minutes is accomplished! Meaning we have to take Mr. Camping's May 21, 2011 date and add on the equivalent of a prophetic half hour of time!

Any reading of the verse, however, comes up against a problem. It says "about the space of half an hour." Assuming that God thinks pretty much like us, we can safely say that anything before 15 minutes is not about a half hour. If Mom said we'll get a candy bar in about a half hour, we would probably have to wait 25 minutes or so.

Now, how do we handle a period of time like this? As Mr. Camping demonstrated from 2 Peter 3:8, a day is like 1,000 years with God. So an exact half an hour would be 1/48th of that period, 20.83333 years (for simplicity, I dropped off some of the 3s.) Adding 20.83333 years to May 21, 2011, that would bring us to March 20, 2032, being 304.16654 days after May 21, 2031, with .16654 of a day being virtually 4:00 a.m. He could literally come as a thief in the night!*

I'm trying to work with the phrase "about the space of half an hour." And just going out on a limb, I can think we can assume it means at least 99.99999% of a half hour, since I had a very precise mother, or prophetically somewhere around March 20, 2032, give or take .000001 minutes, which equals only .00006 of a second, less than a twinkling of an eye!

(Just as an aside, it's interesting to me that 2032 will bring Harold Camping's 111th birthday, which seems to be prefigured in the date picked this year, May 21, 2011.)

*I'm going to give credit to my calculator for these figures, a Casio, usually very reliable. If I made any errors in my calculations, please factor that into your own work and guide yourselves accordingly.

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