Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Church Meets For Worship, Preacher Preaches

I pity the poor guy at The Miami Daily News-Record (Miami, Ohio), in 1948, who had to write a headline for every local church's news. Instead of just having a listing, each church's news was a separate article. But how many different ways can you say the preacher will be preaching a message? And the church will meet as usual?

Let's look at the variations, from the paper on Sept. 26:

The pastor's name is in the headline and we're told the Methodists will hear him preach.

By theme they mean he has prepared a sermon on a particular subject. And if you come to church, he will lay it on you.
The Episcopal has some events happening at church today, like always, and we're listing them.

I didn't make note of which church Rev. Curtis was from. But it's a variation, leave out the church name, lead with the pastor's name, and the usual news that he's preaching today.

Similar to the Rev. Curtis article.

The pastor will give a sermon today.

By "Friends" they mean the Friends church. The pastor will talk today and they will hear him.

No mention of the pastor's sermon, only that he's planned services.

I think the Christian Science church had/has a list of topics they cycle through. It wasn't any different this particular day.

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