Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stolen Moments Of Hiatus

Why am I even here? It's ridiculous to have these precious moments of my hiatus stolen from me, and right under my nose while I watch. But I keep right on a'givin' and everyone else keeps right on a'takin'.

I will allow it for these few moments, but, please, I must get back quickly to my reverie. Anyway, today might be a good time to allow myself the chance to climb up on the soap box and spout off a little on certain personal issues. Something like this, as to what the future may hold.

I'll hasten to say that I don't see the hiatus coming to a complete end. Permanent retirement seems like the most obvious option to take at this time. But I'm still not there. Officially, the hiatus goes on with the possibility that it will end. Were permanent retirement to happen -- just saying -- the hiatus would have a more definite status or stability. It would be subsumed by permanent retirement, making the usage of distinct terminology to describe my activities -- hiatus or permanent retirement -- moot. I pledge that if I take the step toward permanent retirement that I will also permanently retire all talk of a hiatus per se.

I would guess that permanent retirement would mean no more updates here. Just like my present hiatus ought to, technically, mean no updates. But it's more likely now, such as my status is, for updates, because the situation needs to be stated and its details made clear. To take a hiatus and not to say so is to give people the impression that I'm in permanent retirement. And since a hiatus by nature is not an ending, although it can evolve into that, periodic updates are only reasonable. My own willingness to make regular updates speaks to my attention to detail, always wanting to be upfront about my intentions.

But I go both ways on that. One, I do want to be upfront about my intentions. Then there's the other side; I resent the moments that are essentially stolen from me in order to do so. Because when I'm on hiatus I want that to stand for something. I want people to back off and give me some space. Standing too close or being up in someone's face is rude. Everyone wants their private space, a chance to withdraw once in a while. And I'm no different.

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