Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come Together, Men Of The World

Men of the world, let us unite, joining in common cause for the good of all men!

Recent photos taken of the Earth from outer space by NASA have given me a new sense that we really do live on a finite, single planet. I don't know if you've seen any of these -- I believe they were taken 40 years ago -- but they're beautiful, in fact they're stunning in their beauty. The world is suspended in space, a blue ball that seems bigger the closer you get, and conversely smaller the farther you get.

To see the Earth like that really gives me pause and I reflect, All men live on that finite planet.

It's true. All men -- whether they're male or female, boys or girls -- dwell on this one relatively small planet. The thought that we shouldn't come together, that we shouldn't be united in common cause is too absurd to consider. And yet, we know that's exactly the state of things among men.

Men are separated and divided by many aspects of our lives. We could give a long, boring list: socially, economically, politically, linguistically, the haves and have-nots, those who like boiled cabbage and those who don't, blue eyes, brown eyes, blind. We know that one nation holds a knife to the throat of another nation, and in terms of getting along, nobody's winning any prizes. Terrorists ply their evil trade, throwing anvils from planes, sparking fear on all fronts. It's a mess.

Yet they too are men! Whether you're old, young, middle-aged, fat, skinny, or a million different other things, you are among the world of men. You have that in common with other men. There's no good reason we shouldn't be banding together for the good of all men. The world is depending on us to do our best.

As for myself, my resolution is to find common ground and build on it, in the interests and for the well being of all men. That is my vow and my determination.

UPDATE: What does it do to your psyche to know that when Apollo 17 took that picture of the earth that both LBJ and Nixon were still alive? That is one seriously out of date picture. We need to get up there and get some fresh pictures!

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