Monday, March 1, 2010

More On My Hypothetical Debtor And Getting Paid Back

It's hard to believe I was writing about this way back in January. That is, the hypothetical case of someone who would want to borrow some money, of course with the promise of paying you back. On a particular date in February, let's say.

In January I was thinking about the psychology of possibly getting them indeed to pay you back. Because these things obviously have to be finessed, or you'll be high and dry, in a conflict and out. But let's say the particular date in February has come and gone and that I am still sitting here on March 1, wondering what happened.

What if I was thinking about calling the guy? Then what if I decided against it? Then what if within five minutes of thinking that the guy called me? Isn't that wild? I think that's an amazing coincidence, and a very helpful one at that. Because, in this scenario, that tells me that he still has the best of intentions, even if the original date came and went.

Someone who wasn't going to pay you back, yet had promised that it'd be on a particular date in February, wouldn't be calling you on March 1 with more assurances. It just wouldn't happen. I would definitely see it as a positive sign. Let's say he promised to pay it back on March 18, then amends that to "or March 25 at the latest." That would still be very positive.

You never know about human nature. I could easily picture him running for the hills. Maybe I would've thought that if the February date had slipped by without any notice. But sometimes people do surprise you. Rarely, but sometimes.

One of the things I remember reading about James Joyce was how much money he owed people. I don't remember the particulars, but I can imagine him hitting up someone for a few bucks here and there, then avoiding them so he wouldn't be called on it. Maybe that's why he knew Dublin so well, because of all the places he ducked in to keep from meeting his creditors.

I hope my hypothetical guy is more honest than James Joyce.

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