Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog Food Labels On eBay

These are some of the dog food labels for sale on eBay today. They might not be there tomorrow, because I might be snapping up the Buy It Now ones, and on the auction ones putting such a high bid that no one can touch me.

I love all these. The top one, "Sport," that's one cool looking dog. But note, he also has a tongue as red as a cherry, a lot like the Huffy Beef label I featured yesterday.

As of this morning, the Sport label is for sale at $14.95, of course a real steal. Too bad Christmas is so far off. Grandma's always wanting to know what I want. And we've already had my birthday. Maybe I'll get it for Easter.

The "Gingham Dog" one is very darling too. I wouldn't mind having my room wallpapered with those. I used to have some fishing wallpaper and I'd sit and stare at it for hours. At some point it all got torn down and/or covered over. I've often thought I'd give anything to see that wallpaper again.

The dealer who has the "Gingham" for sale has two Buy It Now lots of 4 for $4.99, and one lot of 4 at auction with a minimum bid of 99 cents. The minimum is low, but I'll probably need to put at least $12.99 to actually beat out the next guy.

I just love the Frend label! Look at the cute array of dogs peeking over the fence, the yellow field that makes up the space for Frend's information. Now that would make a great wallpaper, if you could afford it. Or, in this case, since I keep my dog food labels in collectors bags with the backing and everything, then hidden away in file cabinets, a couple of those would look great filed away. The Frend label is a steal at $19.95. I might contact the dealer and see if he can hold it for me until Christmas. They'll usually work with you if you check in every month or so to tell them you haven't forgotten.

Checking out the Rivet's label on the bottom, that looks like the Strongheart dog! Maybe he did some modeling outside the Strongheart company. Whether it's him or not, he's looking good. There's several lots of Rivet's labels like this on eBay this morning. But I'm torn as to which one to buy. One dealer has one Rivet's label at $9.95. And the other has 50 of them for $10.00. So it's a tough call. In these days, with the economy being what it is, that nickel might come in handy for something else.

Speaking of the economy, my advice for investors, and for the small guy as well, is, if you want true security, put your money in dog food labels. Get them while they're cheap, because they can only go up in value. I hear people sometimes say that gold is the best investment. Don't believe them! Gold is like $1,000 an ounce! At that rate a bottle of pop would cost you $10,000! That's way too high.

Dog food labels are the best investment for one very obvious reason: Because dogs will always have to eat!

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