Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hair-Raising Visit To The Industrial Section

I said yesterday that I might go out and do some nosing around the industrial section of town. Maybe you recall, I also said I was tired at the time and might take a nap. As it turned out I did take a nap, a very refreshing one.

I had eaten well at noon at the Mexican restaurant, and, two things, going to church in the morning and eating well at noon always put me in the mood for a nap on a Sunday afternoon. There's just something about being around all those people (at church) that does an introvert like me in. Then to eat is normally thought to divert blood and various gastric acids away from the brain and to the stomach area, meaning that our brains go into a red alert situation and must immediately shut down.

I slept for a good hour, then the phone rang. I was expecting it to be someone from the industrial section, to be breathing heavily in my ear, saying that they had tracked down my number and were calling to warn me off any plans I might have to come nosing around out there. But it was a friend, just checking in. After the call -- and this is rare for me -- I lay back down and slept for a half hour or so more. Very rare!

Once I finally got up, as far as I was concerned it was a brand new day!

Anyway, let me hasten to the subject at hand, my visit to the industrial section---

I got my camera and changed the batteries, in case someone in one of the guard towers would have a ray that would disable nearly spent batteries. Then I got Underbrush, my dog, and we headed out. While nosing around this time, I stayed in the car. I had ready my excuse, if captured, that, "I was looking for a friend's house and must've lost my way." Then we drove to the edge of town and entered the terrible confines of the industrial section.

Immediately I felt myself drop 10 degrees in body temperature. That's what anxiety does to me. I stifled a shiver and kept going. I got a few pictures, including the one seen above, a blood-curdling picture of a pallet mangled beyond recognition and left to rot against a rust-stained building. So that's the kind of thing they're into out here?! I thought.

Among the things I saw that let me know I was "no longer in Kansas," so to speak, were many back ends to semi trucks, the chain fences, piles of tires, and dirt mounds (where only God knows what is buried). Off in the back somewhere I thought I saw a deer's head! Then it occurred to me that it might be a yard ornament that vandals had taken back there. Or maybe it was meant to lure unsuspecting animal lovers to their death. I kept going, not getting a picture of it. Later, when I retraced my steps I couldn't see it again!

Suddenly, and this was the hair-raising part of this whole experience, I noticed someone in an SUV following me. So they want to play rough, do this? Right before this I had pulled into a mushy area, the ground being soft, and took a picture of some scattered boards, then I backed out and this SUV was right behind me.

I thought maybe it was a coincidence. But when I went to turn, it turned with me. Then we came to another stop, and this time they anticipated me, by turning their turn signal on first! So we went that direction. Then we came to the main highway, where there were three directions they could've gone. They turned with me! I thought I have one option here to shed them, meaning I would turn on another road that was less traveled, which I did, and guess what ... they turned there too! I reached over and turned the camera off, in case worse came to worse. I drove on, giving Underbrush a consoling pat, when ... the SUV turned off to the left and we kept going straight.

I don't have heart problems, but if I would've had a nitro pill I would've taken it at that time.

At the park, Underbrush did her business, a few Number Ones and a Number Two. We were off in the sticks, but still I dutifully cleaned it up.

Finally we retraced our steps, while keeping a watchful eye out for the guards and cameras. I didn't stop for any pictures on the way back so there wasn't any trouble. The biggest thing on the way back was what I said before: The deer's head was gone!

What happened to the deer's head? It was almost a little too perfectly posed to have been real. Someone must have been back there setting it up and taking it down ... all in a conscious effort to lure me in!

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