Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After The Industrialists Till The Bitter End

I know this is going to be a bitter pill for the industrial powers, what I'm about to say. And it will be just the opposite for my friends out there and those who are telling me to "Keep up the good work," those who are encouraging me to keep on the industrialists until the bitter end. For them, this will go down sweet.

It'll taste sweet to those who are on my side, but like I said, it'll taste bitter to those who are opposed to me and all my efforts. But that's just the way it is. You makes your choice and you takes your medicine! Like Grandma always used to say, something about sugar makes the medicine go down more sweetly, something like that.

Back then, when Grandma was giving me medicine instead of the other way around, medicine was very bitter. That was before Flintstones chewables and cherry cough syrup. Back then medicine was medicine, not candy, and it was very bitter to swallow. I remember getting several doses of this scurrilous stuff called Castor's Oil. Whoever Castor was, he must've been a sadist. We used to fake wellness to keep from getting it, because, regardless of what she said about sugar making the medicine go down sweetly, she never actually put sugar in the stuff.

As far as pills went, I just swallowed them, with no taste. Except they might find a ledge in your throat once in a while and just hang there for dear life. The little boogers. Pills were neither sweet nor bitter, but the other medicine she gave us, as mentioned above, plus other odd substances, went down very bitterly, and if it came back up -- let's say -- it only got worse!

OK, getting back to the industrial powers. I'm going to remain on these guys' case incessantly -- that is my vow! -- until the bitter end. Until their bitter end! There can be no ties. There can be no consolation prize. There can be only one victor. We shall end industry and the industrial powers as we know them. They shall go down the tubes!

I'm an optimist. This is something I must've mentioned before. I will prevail, I will not be defeated!

So it's going to be very bitter medicine for them to take. But it's going to be very sweet for me myself, and for you -- and all men who are on my side.

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