Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm So Proud Of My Industrialist Posts

This must be some kind of world's record, all my posts on the industrialists, the industrial powers, and the industrial sections of our towns and cities. Woo hoo!

Really, how many other blogs do you suppose there are who can say they did this, had over 50 posts on this one subject? And even if you could find one somewhere, what's the chance of him being from the same town as me? The odds are getting smaller all the time! Then what would be the odds of him being on the same block or even my next door neighbor? Not good at all!

I can know this much: I'm the one who did it! I'm the one!

Even if the industrialists came by with a heat-yielding blunt instrument and tried to take me out right now -- and let's say they did take me out -- my store of over 50 posts on this one subject would stand the test of time. They can't destroy my work or my legacy. Even if I could not write another word -- like if they took me out, or for some other reason -- people could study my over 50 posts on this subject and never quite exhaust the subject or the insights they would stand to glean.

I've laid it out there, like a surgeon, like a doctor making a scalpel cut, then folding back the flaps of skin, just before I dive in and take out the fat or whatever the guy's problem is. I did it and it's all so amazing.

But think back 50-some days, what was going on with me: I was stewing about a little something called "The Industrial Section," the terrible things that go on out there. I went on to expound on the subject from 50 different points of view. I was very practical and specific about problems with the industrialists. Then we were in a confrontation and things were very bitter. Then Paul Krugman stepped in and shamed them, causing them to back off. From that point on I became much more philosophically oriented, while still keeping the practicality of focusing on my psychic viability, so that in the future I will be viable enough to take them on in their area of town once again. That day is coming!

But today is not a day for regrets -- or stewing over the future. Today is a day to celebrate and lift up my great pride for what I've achieved.

No other blog in the world has done what I've done, at least none in my state or town or block. I stand alone!

We'll be checking in after the next 50 to see how it's going. If I should falter between now and then, that would be terrible. But we shall try our best to prevail ... against those blasted industrialists!

Over 50 of them.
Over 50 times I've stood up to these blasted industrial powers.
Over 50 times I've set my face like flint against them and their power.

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