Friday, May 21, 2010

Wherein I Taunt The Industrial Powers As Clowns

I was talking the other day about my viability, hoping to increase my viability, so that I would be able to get back out to nose around the industrial section of town. I still don't think I'm quite there yet. But I feel my levels increasing seemingly every day, to the point that parts of me feel like they're full while other parts feel like they still have a ways to go.

Of course part of the whole psychic make up that we have is dependent upon testing and being aware of our various levels. We may have subjective insights (and hope for the best), but in the real world we have to deal in objectivity and that means putting things to the test. I'm only reluctant because sometimes if you test too early you can lose the viability that you have and so you have to wait that much longer for something that's not just a test or a drill but the actual mission.

In my case I might not really have the luxury of waiting. For one thing, the offenses of the industrialists are so heinous that the world becomes worse every day. And two, I just don't like waiting that much; I am a man of action who doesn't like sitting on his big fat duff.

Anyway, the industrialists are so powerful that they can zap your strength even if you wait forever. Sometimes you just have to strike and hope for the best. Like maybe they're not watching. Or maybe you've caught them off guard. Or they're napping. Or they're on vacation. Or somehow they themselves have been zapped. It could happen, say if all of us stood against them at the same time. But as it is, it's basically me, the local man, all on his own, with no help.

So as part of my "testing" of my viability, I thought a good way to do that would be to post a few things on my blog, such as lashing out at them verbally, calling them a few names. Now in the past I believe I've only referred to them as the industrialists or the industrial powers. I have used the word "blasted" a few times to describe them. I think that's called an adjective. Today, though, my tactic will be invective, also putting to the test the old line about sticks and stones hurting me...

You guys are clownish! What a bunch of worthless clowns! I wouldn't think people who are as supposedly "powerful" as you would be such pathetic clowns ... but you are and so we're laughing at you. All you're missing, it seems, is a big red nose and maybe some shoes two feet long! If you're going to be a clown, shouldn't people be laughing at you? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Clowns!

That felt good ... but it's not the feeling in the moment that makes the difference, it's the sense of viability that goes with it. And you know what? I'm feeling very viable!

With this kind of viability, and let's say I multiply it many times over the next few days, there's really no telling what kind of effectiveness I might have against the industrial powers, those clowns. I might be back out and nosing around before you know it. Any day now! Literally, any day now.

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