Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm On The Industrial Powers' Watch List

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but I both suspect and know that I'm on the industrial powers' watch list. They may have more than one, in which case I both suspect and know that I'm on them.

I'm saying this in response to some of your questions as to why I haven't been out at the industrial section nosing around, as I was very bold to do over a month ago. A lot has changed in the last month. The truth is that the industrialists have taken notice, leading to all their surveillance and threats against me in the last half month or more.

My car has been flagged. I suspect and know this. Where I go is under scrutiny. Someone somewhere, perhaps at the highest echelons, is monitoring my comings and goings. I suspect and know that were I to get anywhere near the industrial section that it would be suspected and known.

It's terrible -- take it from me -- to live your life on a watch list. One, you have people watching you. And in this case, it's all very subtle, much like it'd be to have an eye in the sky watching you that you yourself couldn't see.

Of course we're all being watched. You go in a Walmart, the library, the grocery store, a church, and you can see the camera aimed at you. They're very blatant about it, putting a monitor right at the entrance so you can see yourself as you go in. They have signs around the parking lot, that the premises are being recorded. Someone calls you as a courtesy call from the utilities and they are required to tell you the conversation "may be recorded for quality control." I was in the Hobby Lobby store the other day and I suddenly heard them say on the speakers, "Please record Zone 4." I looked right above my head and saw a pennant fluttering that said "Zone 4" and "Enjoy your hobbies." When the voice ceased I could hear an instrumental of "There Shall Be Showers of Blessing" playing.

There have to be hours and hours of video footage of me all over town, every time I get gas or groceries. I would love to have a DVD of it all, because it'd be fun to put it on and watch myself shop. If you could see yourself shopping on a DVD for a few hours it'd give you some incentive to cut back your spending. But just because I think it'd be fun, you can't imagine the store manager would like it if we all showed up at the store with a camera of our own. Just video everything and everyone, a little mount on the shopping cart for your camera. They'd freak if the shoe was on the other foot.

And the same thing with these blasted industrialists. If I mounted about a dozen cameras on my car and drove through the industrial section, I'm sure I'd catch all kinds of flagrant violations out there. But I'm already on the watch list, so anything I can do to pull back now could save my viability later. Then if I hear of greater violations I could show up, with my renewed viability, and catch them red-handed. Let them feel safe now and sorry later.

Everyone have a great day! Remember, you're being watched, but enjoy yourselves!

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