Monday, May 31, 2010

Ratcheting Up My Beef Against The Industrial Powers

Oodles and oodles of ire is what I have against them, frankly. Maybe it seems like I've tried to hide my anger in the past, but today I feel like I'm full to the brim with invective and rage against them.

It feels good to blow off a little steam. Because I've been corked up, stoved up for too long, much too long. If I were a boiler room, they'd need to check my governor, because certain elements of my apparatus would be white hot or worse.

This is -- you probably guessed it -- part of my "Drive for Viability" that I've been on for the last few weeks, all except for the name just given it. I've tried these two things thus far: 1) The biblical principle of taunting; and, 2) Some of the techniques of sympathetic magic, specifically, portraying an effigy of them and setting out to burn it. The third in this series is what I've got going on today, just letting it all hang out. Such as this, if I'm angry, let my anger pour out in torrents.

My big thought on anger is that we hurt ourselves by trying to contain it. And of course there are lots of reasons to contain it: your reputation, trying to get along with others, and the many regrets that go along with letting it out. Some of that is good to be concerned with, say, if you're dealing with friends. But there are other times in life when it's better just to let it all go, a total prolapse of your emotions.

One of the times in life to just let it go is in the political sphere. You may notice our representatives in Congress don't care about the public's opinion on anything, because they've simply let go of their concern. They are cool as a cube and they know they'll be reelected without any trouble. To respond to that with anything less than seething rage is going to get you exactly nowhere. Actually, even with seething rage, you're likely to get nowhere. But my philosophy has always been if you light a firecracker you may as well wait around till it pops. It doesn't do a bit of good to light a firecracker then try to put it out halfway. It'll only injure you.

Another time to just let it go is, similarly, any kind of agitation. Now, there is viability and there is viability. If you want viability of a certain sort, such as the ability to get a job, to get a girl, to get a promotion, etc., you need to be socially viable. But that's not the kind of viability I've been talking about. The viability I've been focused on is the viability it takes to agitate, then to agitate some more, then to remain standing when you are beset upon by an opposing force.

As for me, when I went against the industrial powers -- which has all been well documented on my blog -- I did OK until they responded. But once there was a response, it was a landslide response. Me as an ordinary individual had a hard time standing up to the onslaught. And so, to get back in the game, I need to increase my viability. It's like putting on a shield, then remaining viable to attain some real progress in the struggle.

So ... here goes ... the anger chutes are all open! The anger is spilling out everywhere. I have so much invective -- potential and realized -- spilling out ... I can't even type it, because, to tell you the truth, there's a lot of adult language mixed in with what I'm saying. And that, being blue, is something I want to keep off the blog.

I'm seething, I'm spilling over with rage. Right now I am white hot, steaming, very, very upset, completely ratcheted up against the industrial powers.

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