Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Industrialists' Secret Hotline

That really worked, yesterday, what I did yesterday. It really did the trick. At least it got the trick going and I'm assuming the trick will be completely done very soon, if not imminently.

You may recall, depending on how diligently you're hanging on my every word, that I began building on my viability vis-a-vis the industrialists by some very focused taunts.

This is biblical, my friends, so I think there's something very essential about it. Taunting and name-calling is an ancient means of personal positioning, helping you position yourself back in a place of power. You can think of two very similar passages of taunting from the Bible, Isaiah 14, Isaiah's taunt against the king of Babylon, and Ezekiel 28, Ezekiel's prophecy against the king of Tyre. In each passage we have things that relate to our imagery about evil in its most essential form.

The conclusion I will draw is this: That it is indisputable that I'm in very good company indeed when I taunt the industrial powers as "clowns" and "clownish." And I would draw other conclusions as well, including, that whatever power the prophets and other writers in Israel derived from these highly sourced taunts is the same kind of power we can share today.

The basic way to go about it is to make sure you start from a righteous position. Check! Then you proceed, letting it all hang out. I speak the word of power, then take my defensive position like a junkyard dog. A junkyard dog has all the instincts of a normal dog, but he knows he has an entire junkyard to guard. That's big! He's got all the viability he needs.

And that's what I'm looking to regain. I really need (and needed) to supplement my viability deficiencies, and now I can see I'm well on the way. And taunting is such an easy method, with there being others as well. Stinking clowns! Ezekiel and Isaiah went for those very essential images of evil at their heart of their tradition. Today, think about it, we basically have industrialists and clowns -- I know, along with politicians. But nobody likes clowns. Even clowns hate themselves, there being no one as self-loathing as them!

Industrialists, on the other hand, love themselves. So who knows? Maybe in addition to increasing my viability -- giving me greater power to nose around the industrial section of town with impunity -- I can shift their self-perception from that of the self-loving industrialist to the self-loathing clown. It's worth a shot. I hate these clowns!

Now, and this should be obvious, they're not going to go down without a fight. So what I'm assuming is that they're all over this blog, looking for clues as to my next move. And so forth. So I can well imagine there's a lot of hotlines glowing and buzzing in their various quarters and precincts today -- stretching at least into this evening. They're doing a lot of conferring, sharing conference calls for that very purpose. They keep their hotlines like pheasant under glass, red and quivering when a call is placed or comes through.

But they need to save the color red for the little ball on the end of their nose! The clowns!

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