Monday, May 10, 2010

Local Man Sissifies Industrial Powers

Now that would be a headline! I dare the Daily News to run that headline! Chickens! Buck, buck, buck! Ha, ha, I got ya there!

I love to taunt these so-called journalists, who are so busy feathering their nest with industrial kickbacks and payoffs that they can't be bothered to cover a story any more in depth than the Garden Club's latest plantings. Oh, I take that back. There was a really hard hitting story the other day (more like a puff piece) on the "Employee of the Month" out at the local monster truck tire factory. As many peons as bite the dust out there on a daily basis, mucking out the blast furnaces, they should rename the award the "Surviving Employee of the Month." Everyone has a chance to win it by process of elimination, and I mean that literally.

But what if I were to sissify the industrial powers, or to have the newspaper describe my agitating actions as such? That'd be great, to illustrate the article with a few pictures of the head honchos out there in little dresses and girly shoes, LOL! With a flat codpiece -- is that what you'd call it? -- covering up their lower quandrants! It makes me laugh!

There could be some major shriveling going on, or cutting down to size, to get these blasted powers into their little dresses, with their little purses, and their little shoes, walking down the lily path all the way to music lessons. That's quite a picture!

A guy can dream, can't he? A big strapping industrial chief with his little purse and mincing steps headed for music lessons! LOL!

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