Sunday, May 30, 2010

Industrialism's Dirty Little Secrets

I suppose we all have our own dirty little secrets. These would be the individual and conglomerate pieces of dirty laundry, hidden practices and behaviors, and various sullied yearnings and longings we all have. To confess my own, I secretly lust to drink more root beer than I do.

Then naturally there's all the behaviors, practices, yearnings, and longings associated with human reproduction, the quest for personal and corporate fecundity, that keeps us busy checking out one another's derrieres and cleavage. I could write a very juicy book full of memories on this subject, but the fact that I restrict the publication of anything blue keeps me from it.

Besides these dirty little secrets -- the stuff Hugh Hefner's into -- there are other dirty little secrets, like what you get in financial dealings, backroom deals, what goes on at the Vatican, and, last but not least, the dirty little secrets that are part and parcel of the business of industrialism.

The industrial powers, in their unceasing quest to dominate all of society, to snowball us, to roll us, to subjugate and overpower us, and to make a dirty buck at the expense of everything good in society, have dirty little secrets and plenty of them. They must have, because you can't realistically carry on the kind of relationship they have in our communities -- spoiling and despoiling -- without a lot of hanky panky of the worst sort taking place. You just know it's there!

What exactly their dirty little secrets are, I confess I don't know. As for myself, I have a hard time descending into the muck and mire where these guys dwell. I'm up here, on a higher plane, with most of my thoughts and imaginings being very innocent. So I have to really work at it to imagine the fullness of their scurrilous dealings.

But I can descend somewhat, if I really truly set my mind to it. I see the various rings of reality on my way down: Divine Union, Angelic Bliss, Yogic Identification, Spiritual Hunger, The Altruism of the Moose Lodge, The Youth Retreat Where A Young Man Notices His First Cleavage On A Non-Old-Woman -- Circa 1965, Her Name Was Peggy -- And Suddenly Understands What The Myth Of Forbidden Fruit Is Really All About, Man's Daily Intercourse, Increasing Conflict, Lust, Carnality, The Vatican's Morals, Unclean Spirits, The Industrial Powers, Demons, The Devil, and, finally, The Devil's Mother-in-Law. So you can see, the industrial powers are very low. And it's hard for most of us to get that far down.

What I believe goes on with them is something like this: They have evil designs on the world and our communities, while sugarcoating it. For example, they'd love to close down the schools, knowing that education will make kids aware of environmental truths, among other things. But they sugarcoat it by giving a $5,000 check to the school every once in a while. But if they could close the schools, kids would grow up not knowing anything, then the industrial powers would be able to run amok at will, as they already do. And they'd save all the $5,000 checks.

It's a vicious circle, you see. Education would teach us what we need to put an end to the industrialists' ways, but we have plenty of education, yet the industrialists' ways go on and on without check. Say what you will about it, to me that's pretty vicious. But just imagine how it would go: If they got rid of the schools, which presently aren't helping that much, think how much worse it might be if they weren't there to at least give us false hope.

That's devious, that's vile!

And I could go on, multiplying the dirty little secrets that these blasted industrial powers have. It's disgusting -- as disgusting as anything I've thought of in quite a while -- and I hate it. Let me repeat that: I hate it!

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