Monday, October 3, 2011

Rats Eating Through Your Stomach

I enjoyed a recent visit to the Museum of Dungeons and being able to see some of the enhanced interrogation methods (torture) of the past. It was like going back in a time machine, all the way back to the Middle Ages, or, more recently, to the Bush Administration. We forget, or I forgot how bad it was. Although I don't think I ever knew.

This was certainly a new one to me, proving that the cruel mind of man has never rested. What we have before us is a display showing one very drastic method of getting a confession. A cage with hot coals is set on the guy's midsection. In the cage there's hot coals, live rats, and one exit straight down. Straight down through the guy's stomach, meaning the rats can't go anywhere unless they eat right through the guy. How would you like that?

Yes, it sounds bad. Almost like being tied up and forced to watch 'Ghost Hunter' types of shows on TV. But I think it's worse. As for me, I would have long before confessed to whatever they wanted to hear. Then, presuming I ever got free, I'd immediately move somewhere else, anywhere else.

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