Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is It True That No One Cares Anyway?

I don't know how I ended up at this website, Traffic Generation Cafe. I think I clicked on a Twitter link -- sounds right -- a couple weeks ago, and there I was. You don't really care, do you? (That's the point of this post.)

Anyway, a couple weeks went by and I kept thinking about one little phrase I read there, "No one cares anyway!" That's pretty good in this age of skim reading and only partially at that. I didn't read the whole article. I got the gist -- and who cares? -- left.

The article is on "How to Successfully Write an Awesome Post Per Day – Every Day," written by Ana Hoffman. The idea seems to be, You can write an awesome post everyday, and even though no one really cares, there's something in it that's going to get them to your website. My guess, to see your ads, something like that.

I don't put too much effort into this post about it, because, look, you're already here! One of the points she makes is limited effort is good:

With that in mind, don’t stress out about making your post “sound good” by using lots of big words, descriptions, adjectives, etc. No one cares anyway!

Then it ends with my favorite line, "No one cares anyway!" They don't want to hear your big words, descriptions, and adjectives. Why would they, since they don't care?

But if I get you here, you can look around and click on my ads. By the way, how do you like my crummy Google ads? You don't really care, do you? Only about 50% of you click on them, so believe me, I'm not making 6 figures on them. If I break $50,000 a year, I consider that good. I know, it's pathetic, but it's nice not having to wonder where the next sack of groceries is coming from. And even at that, sometimes I feel like I'm rich. And when I feel rich I always shop at the health food store, where you pay twice as much for everything.

I could write any old crap ... la la la, connect the dots.

But of course you know I wouldn't do that, write any old crap. Because I know you do care, and that's why I get so many letters from my readers chewing me out for one thing or another. Like what I wrote in my two Milkbone posts (1) and (2). I guess I learned my lesson on that, never try to mix humor with world hunger, especially if you're point is that you're keeping a dog biscuit on your dashboard in case you're ever starving. Number 2 post was a "Mea Culpa," and even that wasn't welcomed by open arms by my readers, because, again, it still mixed humor with the issue of world hunger. Even though I said I was 100% sincere! Did anyone care? Well, yes, people did care. They didn't care to the point of making death threats against me, but they did complain.

Do I myself "care" when I go to someone's blog and read their articles? Well, I don't do it that often. I read several things, and, yes, I care. But I don't make death threats either. I simply make note of what they do, and if it's bad, I grimace and move on. If it's good, I'm jealous, so again, I grimace and move on. My reaction to most things is to grimace. Either they're too stupid to be worth my time (not usual), or too smart and make me feel bad. I feel that way when I read science articles. Hey, speaking of science articles, I'd like to have a science blogger explain to me WHY, if the moon is able to lift the waves of oceans and put them on the shore, it doesn't lift us? Is it because water is just so many disparate, unconnected molecules, hence without much weight in its component "pieces" and we're more connected and hence heavier? I'm sorry if I used too many big words, knowing you don't care.

It's an interesting article for someone to write, what I quoted from, how to write an awesome post everyday. It's not too hard, really, if you start from the premise that no one cares. I could blather on and on at some length about any subject, as you see I just have.

It's liberating ... knowing that no one cares anyway! Just as it's liberating to not have that many people reading your stuff, because you know not that many people are grimacing and moving on.

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