Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sri Masturbananda -- Turn On, Turn Off, Turn On

Life for the spiritual devotee, on the average, is no different than for anyone else. But there are those above average moments, when we remember our master's teaching, and, acting on his instructions, find ourselves set free. Until next time.

One of the terrible things we all face is distractions. We don't have to wait in line to be distracted! Because it's always something, someone on the phone, someone at the door, having to go to the bathroom, your house on fire... Sometimes I think it's just me, but of course it's the same for everyone. You couldn't get a moment's peace in a monastery!

Fortunately, we have a higher source, a higher wisdom to look to as a guide in how to relieve us of distractions. At the very least we can blunt the anxiety of life, or free our thinking so we can do more important things, like trying to get an even better score on Wii Resort Golf. Or attaining the heights in spiritual dimensions and worlds beyond the experiences of everyday consciousness.

The higher source for me and an ever-growing number of sincere devotees is a relationship with the Indian master, Swami Sri Masturbananda, whose calling in this world is to teach and lead the way. The master has come from the highest dimensions to give us the guidance we need. He knows both the ways of the world and everything that's beyond. Such a great master!

As I've explained before, Sri Masturbananda has more of a spirit of grace than many masters, who themselves are good in their own way. Because he's not calling for greater denial of our being, but shows us the ways of ascension in our being as it is. And, really, that's half the battle, because we're simply building on spiritual experiences we've already had without necessarily realizing it!

In short, his doctrine is to glimpse the highest realms -- light and closeness to divinity -- in the course and at the climax of "devotions" we already do. For many of us, it's just a matter of seeing our present behavior as devotions and not just a filthy vice that leads to hairy palms and blindness. I can truthfully say, They're lying when they say it leads to blindness, although it is advisable to keep an extra razor in the house.

Those glimpses of the divine -- at just that key moment -- are great, they're special. And in the course of continued efforts, according to Sri Masturbananda, they will open up all in due time into an ongoing experience of the divine. But that's not all there is to it. As I alluded to above, the devotions are also good for the benefits they bring to our daily round of life here and now.

One of the benefits is the reduction of distractions. I know how easy it is -- let's say you're out and about, somewhat stoved up, you haven't been faithful in your devotions -- and you're driving along, driving through town, and suddenly every woman or every guy you see looks like Mr./Ms. Right. There's an immediate connection, you think, or could be if you had the leeway to just walk up to them and engage them in intimate activity there on the sidewalk or on a nearby bench. It could blossom into a beautiful relationship, possibly marriage, then children, old age, and death.

The big problem with this scenario is, Anyone who'd do that on the sidewalk or bench isn't worth having, including you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. And yet-- And yet-- how common the temptation is! Because we're distracted. Our mind is scanning every face out there, every body part, keying in on specific ones (cleavage, hips, rounded bottoms, rippling biceps, chiseled, sculpted features, etc.) Our mind is like a super computer, keying in, examining data, charting facts and figures, making evaluations, and triggering the lust switch. I feel it's all so obvious to the people passing by, that I need to look the other direction immediately, or at the very least disconnect my wolf call horn.

So I'm distracted, you're distracted. And when we're distracted, we're no good, not for those beautiful people on the sidewalks, and not for ourselves. That's where the master's teaching comes in, calling us to work on our devotions, withdrawing to a private place -- a bathroom, a bedroom, behind a tree, under a bridge, in a culvert, etc. -- and devoting ourselves to our meditation strenuously enough that it's all over. And don't forget, while you're watching for police cruisers, also to watch for glimpses of the divine in those key seconds, or, at the very least, clean up and enjoy the free time you've now bought yourself from distraction.

Sri Masturbananda knows sometimes we need to turn off in order to turn on, to get rid of distractions. Then to turn on in order to turn off, to make important steps in the divine life. It's a cycle, sometimes vicious, sometimes not. Just remember, the controls are in your hands.


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