Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Flying Masturbananda

It may sound unusual for an Indian guru also to be a human cannonball, but, hey, there's no telling what these guys will do. They're totally free, and like anyone else they have other interests besides holiness. Especially, as in this case, when there's lessons for his chelas (students) to learn.

Of course in the case of Swami Sri Masturbananda, he is full of grace for his followers, leading them in ecstasy, and doing for them whatever he can to lead them in the higher experiences of divine consciousness. The consciousness comes in precious glimpses, five to 10 seconds at a time, then you're left waiting till next time, so he wants to do everything he can.

Plus, being a human cannonball matches up with his teachings in interesting ways. It's kind of ironic, really; you've got a guy shot from a long protuberance, his flight the high point, what the audience came to see, and when it's over, it's over. There's certain parallels there. The fire is heating up the works, the cannon swells to twice its normal size, finally the metal throbs in rhythm to the heat pulsations, then in a very wet and wild finish out spews the ... performer.

What the audience sees, though, isn't all there is. I've witnessed Swami Masturbananda's performances many times. It looks like exactly what you'd expect. He's in the cannon. He's shot. He flies through the air in a predictable arc. He lands in a net, then stands up to receive the applause of the crowd. But there's more, at least according to his testimony.

With such an advanced being, an avatar sent from on high, of course he's going to see things from more of a heavenly perspective. He says his experience has a lot more to it, including the feeling of ascension and a sense of mental/spiritual dispersion. Going from the cannon to the net, to him seems like it takes forever, because his mind and spirit are soaring into those more subtle regions.

And so the teacher teaches certain things for all of us, which is precious, the deepening of our daily experiences, especially in the activities the swami is noted for. In our activities, we also can look for a deeper experience. We're not just being slaphappy, but every second can be joined to eternity. We might see the end from the beginning, meaning it's an experience that carries with it a spirit of mourning. But he leads us by his example to savor our higher consciousness.

To see the master soaring through the air, and also to know how he is joined to eternity even in those three seconds, is to know there is so much more for us as well. What a blessed master, who will go to any length for his beloved ones!

So try to remember these lessons, as you face the constant issues of tumescence and detumescence. Don't simply rush to the net! Savor the journey from here to there.

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