Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sex And The Single Hidden Book

Well, there it is, Grandma's illicit book, "Sex and the Single Girl," shown out in the open (left) and hidden amongst some other junk (right). I pulled it out to get a full shot of it, more or less to prove that I still have possession of the nasty little thing. Then it went right back into hiding, where it will stay.

I first found this book a couple years ago while poking around in the basement. I quickly eliminated other suspects for who might've possessed it, which basically would've been my mom and my aunt. They were married and out of the house by 1963, which it was published. The book next came to my attention during the whole 'Peruvian Grange Queen' fiasco of last year. Since that episode had a terrible sexual center to it, and since my grandparents were both involved in the grange movement, I put two and two together, determining that Grandma was a lech.

Well, guess what, probably despite her wishes, I've still got it! I've been cleaning out the basement and I came across my hiding place, trying to keep it out of her sight. It still galls me that it's been down there all these years. One thing I hate is to know that people are hiding sex books around the house, especially an aged grandmother.

The picture I have above makes it look like it's hidden in plain sight, but it's not really. I pulled down some other junk from off the shelf. You can see it's pushed all the way to the back of the shelf, with other stuff covering it up. Still, you start uncovering stuff, which she would probably be able to do, if she were looking for it, and it's fairly easy to find.

I don't know for sure she wants to find it. It's a hard subject to bring up, for both of us. On the one hand, I don't want to let on that I know about it, because then she'd be looking for it for sure. If I keep my mouth shut, maybe it's a matter of 'out of sight, out of mind' on her part. But then she might not be saying anything about it, because she doesn't want me to know about it. In that case, it's making her very nervous, because she has to know the book is like a ticking time bomb, something I'm bound to come across sooner or later, whether before her death or after. So she doesn't dare ask about it, because then I'd know her dirty little secret.

So, I guess, from here on out it's going to be our own little personal game of cat and mouse we'll be playing. Which proves that holding out on me carries absolutely no reward whatsoever.

You may wonder why I don't simply destroy it. Because I'm keeping it for evidence against her if she ever tries something. A little leverage like that could really come in handy.

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