Monday, July 4, 2011

Mr. Gadabout At McDonald's

Mr. Gadabout was at McDonald's today, enjoying an interesting and delicious breakfast.

While there, I got to thinking as I looked around at some of the other people.

One, when did the transition happen between having bra straps covered by a blouse and having them right out in the open? A young lady ahead of me in line had a shirt held up by strings around her neck, then over each shoulder her bigger bra straps completely exposed. I've noticed this a lot, of course, but the question came to me, when did this happen? I don't remember it, say, 40 years ago. I suddenly thought, when I bend over maybe it doesn't really make any difference if my underwear's hanging out.

Two, what is it with big oafish gray men having big oafish gray beards? They look mighty putrid. Looking in the direction of this one singularly repulsive specimen, it was all I could do to choke my food down. He looked like one of those old guys from the movies or Edward Lear who might literally have birds in there. The thought of bird droppings along with my knowledge of various avian diseases and how they're typically propagated through the air made me cover my drink with my hand.

Three, when did McDonald's become a refuge for old retired men to gather in limitless numbers? This is what I always associate with general stores with wooden floors and a big potbellied stove, then a big pickle barrel with a checkerboard on it. Not McDonald's, where everything is pristine and industrial shiny. The transition, whenever it occurred, has not been without some compensation. To make up for the lack of their native habitat, their 'good old boy' accents have become much more exaggerated.

I was thinking all this when the guy at the next table obviously overheard my thoughts. He started thinking, callously, I might add, "You're a judgmental bastard, but I agree with you about the brassieres." Then that guy got up and left and my mood improved appreciably. It turned out somehow that it was his presence and thoughts that was bringing me down. After this, everything seemed good again.

One, I saw a woman in a sweet summer dress. Very pretty and delightful.

Two, I saw a winsome child playing with his 'Happy Breakfast.'

Three, there was a young man in the corner studying, working on his future. It gave me hope.

Four, I was delighted to see a lithe young woman giving a darling child a dancing piggyback ride. I touched my heart.

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