Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Horse In A One-Horse Town

How would you like to be the one horse in a one-horse town? You'd be very well known there.

Anyone could ride you to the city limits but not over. Then you'd trot back to the town square for other service.

The blacksmith makes new shoes for you. Kids give you a comforting hosing down. Ladies sew cute skirts for your fetlocks. Men speak of your good qualities over checkers.

But there's a sad ending...

Finally, a greedy bartender gets the idea to sell you to the beer company, who leads you into a big truck late at night, and takes you to a city where you're only one horse among many.

Meanwhile, back in the town, they assume you simply ran away, for whatever reason, vote on a bond issue, and go buy a new horse.

Thanks to the bartender and the beer company, this is a horse you one day will meet.

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