Sunday, February 1, 2009

3D Glasses

We gathered around the TV tonight -- Grandma and I -- to watch the big game. But our real interest in the whole thing (my whole interest, I should say) was the 3D stuff, having our 3D glasses and waiting for the 3D commercials.

I got mine out of the big free box at Walmart, and I was trying to be careful with them. I put them up on the dash, away from the other groceries and sacks so they wouldn't get scratched or bent. But then when I was carrying in our stuff, I sat them up on the window sashes, and wouldn't you know it, they slipped through the crack and fell to the floor and I stepped on them, right in some very very small gravel that needed to be swept up. As you know, gravel is very susceptible to gravity. There's no way to get it up off the floor on the first attempt. But any time you drop something in it, it adheres like it's magnetic. So the bottom two glasses (in sheets of four) were scratched badly.

That left us two good ones, and there's two of us, so that turned out well. Before the game, I carefully clipped them out and got all the pieces removed, then folded them to fit our heads the best they could. I was a lot more gung ho than Grandma, who doesn't seem to enjoy football. Anyway, we whiled away the game, and finally the big moment came.

Grandma dozed off and didn't really see them. But I didn't let that worry me. She's not heavy into anything cultural, really, and I guess it'd be true to say that 3D doesn't interest her.

But I enjoyed the commercials quite a bit. They didn't last long, you know, like commercials. One was for a movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, another for a Sobe drink, and one advertising a show on NBC tomorrow night, Chuck. Pretty good effect. The glasses had different color from the usual 3D glasses, and they didn't do much for the color on TV, but the effect was pretty good.

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