Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me, A Senator

I dreamt last night -- technically early this morning before waking up -- that I was a United States Senator.

How exactly I got the position, I don't recall. But I know I was appointed. Maybe I've been thinking so much about Roland Burris these days! I haven't had a dream in which I was this successful since the days I used to dream about taking Ringo's place when he fell ill.

I got the position, though, but in the dream I was still generally unknown. There didn't seem to be a lot of acclaim about it. It was almost like a secret, or something that wasn't getting any attention. But I'm walking around thinking, "I'm a United States Senator," and it was an interesting feeling. I started thinking "This is only one step below being President, and who knows!"

But I never made it to the Senate. I was still around where I live, wondering what was to become of the whole thing. Would I know what to do? Was anyone going to say anything about it? Was I legitimately a senator? These kinds of issues clouded what otherwise was a feeling of success, of attainment.

The other part of the dream didn't have much to do with that. I was climbing on some steel pipes, trying to get up into a hole in the corner. One of the pipes bent down and I needed to get down and start over, wondering if I could make it without bending or breaking them. But that's just some extraneous details, not relevant at all.

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