Monday, February 9, 2009


I saw the term "mouthbreathers" a little while ago. It was from a guy who wrote a nasty diary (Daily Kos) against Obama. I didn't read the entire thing, but it's got recipes and other responses that indicate it's not getting widespread approval among the community. It also has dirty language, cleverly disguised with asterisks and @ signs in the place of vowels.

(My blogging policy being a strictly "nothing blue" policy, I will not be quoting the guy, nor will I be linking to his potty fingers diatribe. My avoidance of prurience also extends to buying nothing but edited versions of CDs at Walmart. The more blips and gaps in my music the happier I am.)

But it was the guy himself (if he's not a guy it doesn't matter here) who used the word "mouthbreathers," in the sense of preempting any kind of, from his point of view, ignorant comeback to his objection. It would seem that his contention is that Obama ought to govern according to some "progressive cause" agenda. (Find one singular "progressive cause" where everyone agrees and maybe we'll have something.)

The word "mouthbreathers" is an interesting one. I breathe through my mouth sometimes, like if I'm stuffed up. And I think snoring is basically breathing through your mouth. You can't make that many noises from your nose, can you? Just a few snorts is what your nose is good for. When we see the term online, to me it usually means some kind of neanderthal, knuckledragging ignorant hothead. Like Freepers, only smarter.

Mouthbreathers. That's what your opponents always are. And knuckledraggers, like cavemen. Like those idiots on the commercials who are still so primitive they don't shave their foreheads. Just because they talk in a suave way (that's the humor) doesn't mean they're not still stupid.

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