Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Pet Food Aisle

I was at the pet food aisles at Walmart today, shopping for some dog food. And of course I'd have to have blinders not to notice the aquariums, including some new kind of Glo fish. My big thought, are they like that in nature, or is someone feeding them glow hormones to turn them colors?

Maybe I did have blinders because I didn't notice (or think about) the 10 gallon jobbie I had my eye on a couple weeks ago. Seeing the fish, I didn't feel drawn or overly tempted. Mostly I feel like this, that each one is a tender little life, the center of its own universe, and there they are for a few cents at Walmart.

Some I think are feeder fish, a nasty thing to be. But hey, you've got all that free time between now and the time you're eaten. And that's a lesson for all of us! I know I'm going to be eaten. If not by an actual animal, cast into its cage at feeding time, then by something else. Something more insidious, probably, but just as hungry. Cancer cells at dinner, heart coagulation, pancreas going wacky, something. Look at my face. My face is being consumed by face eating cells. I'm wasting away. Whether it's decay, rot, it's all hungry.

Back to the pet food. I wanted to get something for the dog. The last time I bought Kibbles n Bits and that gave my dog seriously the runs. Terrible stuff (I blame the dog food but this was not a scientific experiment. It might have been some other cause.) She's finishing off a bag of Senior 7, but only likes about 30% of it. She scatters the rest around and doesn't eat it till she's starving. This time I bought Pedigree dry, some kind of "meaty kibble" in there, it says, words to that effect. I'm hoping this isn't the runs-inducing kibble but a healthier kibble. I'm giving her less of it at first because she likes to hog down anything new.

I look at all the pet food and I don't know what to buy. It's all a guess. I actually might have bought Senior 7 again, because it seems to agree with her system, when she eats it. But they were out of it.

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