Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No More Coke Classic

I see that Google calls their original basically white page Google Classic now. And if you don't want any themes at I Google, what you're settling for is their Classic theme. White without a lot of fancy schmancy stuff.

I seem to remember writing about something like this one other time, but then my topic was the devaluing of the word classic. I haven't noticed it lately, but I know between about 1984 and 1989, about every other movie was regarded as a classic in video advertising.

I think it started when Coke, back in that period, stupidly started New Coke and they were actually -- at least we were given to believe -- going to get rid of the formula we all liked. That lasted about five seconds, then they renamed it Coke Classic. And so that's what we've known all these years, which I always thought was stupid, but hey...

Well, it looks like I'm getting my way after all, because they're finally dropping the stupid word "Classic" from the can. Now we can go back to just plain old Coca Cola. Which, unfortunately, I don't drink anymore. Nothing against it. I still would love it just as much. But my doctor doesn't think it's a good idea. So I don't drink soda pop at all now. (There is one exception to this rule, and that's at Christmas, but that's not cola.)

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