Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Sacred Steak Knife

I've got my steak knife by the desk here. I had it the other day when I was studying its properties, its suitability to be a stand in for a sacred sword, the absence of which still plagues me.

The particular knife I have is a flimsy one, but still sharp enough to cut meat. This one has been used to shave candle wax, though, it's got a real waxy build-up. The blade is sticky and doesn't even resemble something sacred.

I bet it would look different if I were to run it over a flame. That's how to really refine a blade, get it hot. Then you put it on butter and watch it sizzle. In some religious traditions -- I'm thinking of Hinduism -- butter is used in sacred ceremonies. I believe they call it ghee.

What ceremonies? I'm very tired and not thinking clearly. So I can't remember. I think part of it is to drizzle it down your throat. But what else, I'm drawing a blank.

There was a commercial a couple days ago for a TV show in which the people were wielding a sword. It put me in a mind for what I want.

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