Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Energy I Have

I'm on top of the world today. I could step out, put on a lightweight black silk outfit, then come back barefoot, kicking at the air, and I might win. That's how strong I feel. I don't know why that might be, unless it's the extra energy I've got after eating Valentine's candy bought today on sale.

How about sword fighting? I've been seriously thinking about getting a ceremonial sword. Or a sacred sword if I can find one I consider sacred enough. It's all on hold since there aren't any sacred sword stores near where I live. And to buy one online? I feel like I ought to try them on for size. But here I am, say, with my sacred sword. I'm whipping it through the air, lopping off the heads of imagined enemies, doing some forward thrusts (very relentlessly), a couple en passants, although I think I'd be better as a ninja avenja than a gentleman trying to tickle nipples by restrained swordplay.

I'd much rather pass like a shadow over the dunes, enter the tent, and take out the king's enemies one by one on the sly. Someone moves, turns over in their sleep, and I'm up against the side of the tent wall, blended in like a dark wall hanging. Then whack, whack, whack, my sacred sword finds its mark. Like Maxwell's silver hammer, except I'm a good guy. I don't like senseless violence. The ending of the book of Esther, it's not for me, unless you spell it out what all the killing those days was about. You kill 75,000 people who hate you in one day, I guarantee you're going to have three times that many who hate you the next day. Senseless killing isn't the answer. So I'm not actually bloodthirsty.

I just have the energy of a wild horse, that's all. And I think it's this candy. I got some Cella's cherry chocolates candy, which I've never had before. It says they've been making them since 1864, giving me that weird reaction I always have ... What? You've been making these since 1864 and I'm just now eating them? It makes me a child of destiny, that they had to wait that long to get one in my mouth. The company has to be going nuts now that they know I bought their product. Turn on the machines, we've got a new customer!

My review of Cella's product: Very good. The thing in my mouth feels a little weird. The top section caves in very fast. The candy muckus is very invigorating, the cherry nicely chewy. It's the floor that impresses me. The walls cave in, as I said, but the floor feels about three times as thick to the tongue. That's the piece of chocolate that lingers. And a couple of the cherries have had a bit of persistent skin, which is OK. It lets you know it's a real cherry.

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