Sunday, October 24, 2010

It Was Possibly Her First Time

It was possibly her first time, her first time at Dairy Queen, that is.

I'm occasionally reminded that we don't all do the same things. My little world of bed, bathroom, kitchen, couch, and DQ isn't the same world of everyone. But I expect that once you've gotten to a certain age, 25-30 at least, that you've done some of the same things as everyone else.

I was at DQ the other day and overheard part of an exchange between a customer and the serving guy. The customer had a kind of Betty Boop voice, and she wasn't familiar with the menu. The serving guy was very helpful, explaining some of her options.

She wondered about the Blizzard, what that was. He said, and this is an exact quote, "The Blizzard is ice cream with candy mixed in, or toppings." Next, he continued to read off the list of flavors to her. Finally, he listed the kinds of ice cream cones she could get, chocolate, vanilla, and swirl.

I was looking for some sign that she was putting him on, but there wasn't any. This wasn't just the first day of the rest of her life, it was the first day period!

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