Monday, October 4, 2010

Should We Praise The Major Industrial Powers?

I come to bury the Major Industrial Powers (MIP), not praise them. The evil they do will live after them, and whatever good there is will be interred with their bones. So let it be with these rotten SOBs!

There has been no worse enemy, as far as I'm concerned, than the MIP. They have been against the common man as long as I can remember. They've sold us shoddy goods and their prices have been ridiculous. And as far as their attitudes toward the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM), they have been a fierce opponent, trying every means, hook and crook, to drive us out of business. For me personally, before there was a RIM, they physically harassed me, confining me to my home, and even shot fireballs over my roof (thank God it wasn't thatch.)

The last thing I personally would do, by nature, is praise them! As far as I'm concerned, the quicker we drive these rotten SOBs out of business and refit their factories for the cause of good, the better off we'll all be. Then we'll let the more innocent underlings come over to the RIM cause. But as for the MIP executives and fat cats, they'll be left high and dry, with us even closing to them any pencil pushing jobs we may have had.

But it could be that I need to revise this whole scenario, thanks to an idea I had a couple days ago. I was writing about "the psychic price" -- karma by a different word -- that we can't always be big, psychologically and so forth, but we must occasionally be little, so that personal (and corporate) inflation might be counterbalanced. There are parts of this, of course, that are not merely internal to the person or organization, one being the whole matter of the general populace hoping for your organizational demise. Because man loves tragedy.

The idea I had was that constantly attacking the MIP might be actually helping them, in that as we reduce them it serves to pay their psychic price. The thought was this:

Maybe we ought to be praising the MIP to high heaven instead of tearing them down all the time! Our tearing them down might actually be helping them! We'll have to think about that one!

And think about it, I have! I've been racking my brain, really stretching it out and torturing it, at least according to the definition of torture before the Bush years; going by the Bush definition, I've been giving it a strenuous workout for its own good and it's loving it. Anyway, I've been ridiculously wicked to my brain, according to the old definitions, thinking over this whole issue of what to do about the MIP, whether to praise or tear them down.

So those are the possibilities. How would it go to praise them? What would I be praising? Their workmanship, or lack thereof? The way they've sold us expensive goods, then have never made good on guarantees when it breaks? Or, more personally, the way they shot fireballs over my house, which could've very well been made of thatch had Grandpa not insisted on regular shingles, abiding by city ordinances at the time?

If I praised them, just for the sake of argument, how could I do it sincerely? It'd be a lie! I'd be nauseated. And it would probably be equally the case that I'd be working up for myself a worse psychic price than any benefit I'd derive from saying it. Because I'd know. And everyone who knows me would know. And, frankly, I think a lot of the enthusiasm that the RIM has seen in the last five or six months has come because we know we're in a serious struggle against these rotten SOBs. Some of the intensity might be gone if we suddenly turned nice. Then where would our gains go?

We do have a serious beef against these guys, and it seems to me we have to treat it seriously, despite this interesting theory that is really little more than reverse psychology. To pretend otherwise would be ... inadvisable, foolhardy, shortsighted, ignorant, ridiculous, terrible, and lame.

It might turn out that I have it all wrong, but I think it's a chance I'm willing to take. Because it also seems to me that some aspects of the psychic price, especially over an organization of such immensity and disparate parts as the Major Industrial Powers, are very slow moving and not so easy to influence or sway. Particularly through some kind of reverse psychology that's just trying to trick karma by false words. At best, it'd be like continental drift, meaning we'd see very negligible benefits, if any, even in the long term.

The conclusion has been reached. My brain, rivaling the super computers of most countries, of course including those of the United States, has decided: We shall continue to tear the MIP down! There shall be no praise!

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