Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is This The Laziest Comic Strip In The World?

I'm not a big fan of the comics page, but I turn the pages and see it.

My eye notices this comic, MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell. And it seems like pretty often it's "Earl's Diary," where there's normally a character sitting there, then the rest of the comic is just a written entry to his diary. Today, though, we don't even get Earl!

It seems like a real lazy way of doing a comic strip. I've written about B.C. and the way the strip would have the insult exchange or some kind of definition. Then you'd have the characters walking over a hill and that was it. Or giving a deadpan expression to the audience and that was it. But this goes beyond that in laziness.

I also remember one one day -- were the lights out? I believe it was just a black box, something like that. That would be very lazy, too. Especially if they did it day after day, "Still haven't paid the electric bill!"

My only knowledge of the MUTTS strip are these "Earl's Diary" entries. Is it usually better than this?

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