Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bright Side Of Sex

I couldn't believe it yesterday, Pastor Wadd's sermon was on "The Bright Side of Sex." I've written before about his anti-sex crusades, so it was a real eyeopener to hear something different.

But to be fair, now that I think of it, since his ministry emphasis is on battling sexual addiction, that's not really the same as being anti-sex, although I believe he's crossed the line a few times, probably just forgetting himself. Like when he was trying to slow down deliveries from the bed store, surely not all those beds were being purchased by sex addicts.

Anyway, we all perked up when he started preaching on sex's "bright side." Then it was a little bit of a comedown when he needed to remind us of sex's "dark side," which, to be completely truthful, we're already conversant on, and he's the only one with a theological degree! To drive home this very familiar point he referred to the story of Samson and Delilah as well as several verses from the Proverbs on harlots.

According to those verses, you keep your power by saying no to sex whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head. Delilah was struttin' her stuff, starting out with seven veils, then in a series of dances worked herself down to buck naked. All this time, Samson couldn't look away. Next thing you know, he's all over her ... then it's all over for him. The Philistines blind him just before he somehow acquires one last burst of post-climactic energy and kills them and dies.

What a difference if he would've seen sex's dark side. He could have killed them and lived to kill again. And we see the dark side yet today, all around us. Pastor gave several illustrations from the news, including the latest congressman to fall prey to temptation. He was very specific as to what the photographic evidence showed, a fuzzy phone picture of an erection, causing most of the congregation, especially the womenfolk, to fan themselves.

Of course he had a lot to say about the pregnancy rates among our youth. They don't have much sense, their mental capacity has been severely stunted by video games and R rated movies, and they're more or less worthless, but there's one thing they know how to do well. And it takes place in the backseat of the car, or anywhere really, be it a motel or a dumpster. That's the dark side. And they're sexting, a word Pastor Wadd coined, bringing together two words, sex and texting. I wrote that down, thinking that was pretty clever of him...

It went on like that for a while, quite a while, the dark side, the dark side, the dark side ... Then he gave us a smile and said, "But there is a bright side," which came down to this, that sex was God's idea for human reproduction. I'm thinking I already knew this, but still it was good to hear someone put it into words, especially with such authority. The bottom line is this: We are in this world through sex, the good clean sex that our parents had, after God's will.

And, he said, that's the way it was from the very beginning. Sex is nothing new; it's actually a very old thing, from antiquity. But even back then there was a strong "dark side," as, for example, in the story of Delilah and what we see in the Proverbs. But there was also a strong "bright side," as new babies were being born all the time and the human race was able to keep going. He made the point that all the "begats" that we all hate so much are the result of this very thing, the bright side of sex.

He concluded with a little more on the dark side, and what results from drunkenness, besides tattoos.

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