Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Funky Left-Slanting Grocery Store Font

In my exploring, I found a funky left-slanting font in old grocery store ads (1959). What a weird presentation it makes, as the following example shows:

Looking through various ads, I was able to get an example of most of the letters, but a few I had to jimmy rig.

I didn't see a J, so I had to make one. There wasn't a Q, so I made one out an O and the bottom of an R. There wasn't a V, and the one I made is extremely conspicuous, too big, very funky, but it's what I could do in the 5-7 minutes I allotted for it. And there wasn't an X, and the one I made looks pretty good.

You might notice the Y looks crazy being reversed like that, but that's how it was. Concerning the M, I like the extraneous little serif, LOL. And how do you like the K? I looks like it has a lap to sit on!

Here's a couple of my favorite words, handset on the computer with this font:

"Game Toe" is one of my favorite words (two words, I guess), since it describes my livelihood. I have a game toe, and were it not for that I would not be on full disability. Because I'm healthy in every other respect. But I have a limp, and yes, it's much more pronounced whenever federal agents are around. It's thanks to my game toe that I have the time everyday to waste on stuff like this...

That's of course beside the point, the point being this great font. And I do love that serif. But I would've never put it there myself!

I also handset my own phrase, "Vigor Vivus," which gives a great display of the funky V I made. In case you don't know what Vigor Vivus is, I have a bunch of posts on it found at this link. In short, Vigor Vivus is the opposite of Rigor Mortis, a state of mind and a way of life that is life lived in rich abundance.

And finally, here's ZEN in this font:

I didn't handset this word. It's edited from the word "FROZEN," from one of the grocery ads.

It looks like there's some variations of the letters if you get a bunch of the ads together. I know there's a more left-leaning C than I used. They look hand drawn, and yet there's a real consistency to the letters when you look at them. So I don't know what's going on.

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