Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jehovah Appears To The World

I know the traditional reasons why God doesn't appear to the world in an overt and obvious way. It was one of the biggest sore points as kids in our discussions with Sunday School teachers. They were very cagey, telling us that He wanted to be known by faith, which requires not walking by sight. But if He simply appeared in the sky, then this would be all out of kilter (or something.)

It's got to be one of life's biggest mysteries, if we posit any kind of actual existence to God as a distinct character and not as a force or essence to life and all things. If God is a being distinct from other beings and localized in a particular heaven, while allowing for a general presence everywhere else, although this wouldn't be called localized, then He could manifest in a way that's obvious to every eye.

Of course life and godliness would be entirely different if that's the way it was. We wake up and there's always a weird glow outside. You look up and there's a big head in the sky, and periodically a sweeping of literal arms across the sky. You keep looking and utter the slightest prayer and you see a lot of mysterious machinations up there, little doors open, and you see a host of angels descending to help, or God Himself materializes in your room while maintaining His overall visible presence.

It would certainly end all discussion of whether there is a God or not, because He would literally be kicking the ass of anyone who said otherwise. To say there was no God would be like saying there's no earth to stand on, which is a general article of faith today. It's the planet you're standing on, stupid! God's in the sky, visible to all, and at your door to kick your ass if you ignorantly believe differently.

Everything in life would have an immediate solution, like Superman being everywhere at once. Murderers would be immediately snatched up and tossed into Hell. We'd see it on TV, the Hell Channel. There'd be no need for trials, since God would literally know the disposition of every case. If I had ants in my kitchen, the barest whisper of a prayer would immediately kill them, or move them back outside.

As it is now, what have we got? A lot of competing religions, each one for the most part thinking it's got the precise truth. But if we had God obviously in the sky, He could clear it up immediately. We wouldn't have to screw around with theologians and their guesses, since, if truth be known, they don't know one single thing more about it than any of us. Everyone thinks the Pope, just as an example, is so close to God. What a laugh. The Pope doesn't know one single thing more than anyone else that is in the least actually authoritative.

I do make allowances for guys like sincere gurus and mystics, but by and large they're not talking about Jehovah in the sky, this overt version of religion, but inner experiences and realizations about life. And the way I take the Pope and other Poobahs is that they're teaching a more traditional approach, i.e., a concrete, localized God out yonder somewhere.

My own thought goes along more with the gurus and mystics and Jesus at His most spiritual. That's walking by faith. And it also explains why there isn't a big head in the sky.

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