Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Basic Problem Is Rigor Mortis

It seems like more and more my purpose in life is to diagnose what's wrong with other people. I've been doing it ever since I hit on the secrets of Vigor Vivus and Rigor Mortis. And it looks like it will continue and even expand, as the population in general seeks out this wisdom.

It's fascinating, really, that with a few crystallizing realizations of my own that I was able to reduce the problems of life to these two terms. But think about it, it makes sense. I've been lying awake many a night thinking about the issue, and I hope it's not too arrogant to say it, but it turns out I'm right. Your goal is what Vigor Vivus can give you, but the basic problem in your way is Rigor Mortis.

Just to review our terms, as if they're not clear enough on the face, Rigor Mortis speaks of the life of death, limited possibilities, stifled potential, in short, the mental, physical, and spiritual doldrums. Everything you come up against is a brick wall. Happiness is thwarted, unless it's a glimpse of happiness just to raise your hopes. Happiness is definitely limited -- why? -- because you have limited yourself by yielding to Rigor Mortis. It's a vicious cycle, one that builds on itself with increased viciousness. Pretty soon there's no way out. You're like a hamster on the wheel, going no where, but because you're not really a hamster -- one of life's stupidest animals -- it causes you abject misery.

But that doesn't mean Vigor Vivus doesn't exist, even if it's just always out of your reach. Because it does exist. How do I know? I'm living it right now! Everyday's a gift, I'm on top of the world, there's no downhill, everything's oriented for my satisfaction, it's a laugh a minute, I'm in life's embrace, the sun's always shining, mosquitoes all live somewhere else, and I'm always the one domino left standing. If there's ever anything in my way, and there's not usually, I have the mental, physical, and spiritual tools to hack through it instantly. I'm always right in the sweet spot, never a variance.

How did this come about for me? That's a story in and of itself! But basically I guess it's just a blessing. The secret fell in my lap. Yes, I was seeking it out, through my intentions and my outlook. It's hard to describe. But just to say I'm one with the loving God in every dot, every molecule, I guess that'd have something to do with it. Is there ever a wrinkle? Yes, plenty. A cough? Many. A periodic flat tire, an attack by enemies, and a shed burning? Yes, of course, like everyone. But the spirit and truth of Vigor Vivus is always in my view, and ever shall be. I can look ahead and see myself hacking up blood, the doctor's talking to my family in hushed tones, and I'll put up my finger to say, "Shh! Vigor Vivus is mine! I am the Way, the Truth, and the Vigor Vivus."

Good God, I feel like stomping, especially when I reread that about "every dot, every molecule." It hits me all of a sudden, the unity of life, despite my sometimes-wayward ego getting in the way. I was out to eat today, and feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin. I don't know exactly why that happens. There's something about self-consciousness that it creeps up on me. Then I start thinking I'm the only one with this affliction -- I look over and see a couple women talking and very comfortable, then a guy coming up for a hug, very comfortable, then another woman in the coolest pants looking extremely comfortable even as she's searching for her car, then another person, and on and on. Leaving me the only one with this uncomfortable feeling. Of course you know what I did, I thought, "Vigor Vivus, every dot, every molecule," or words to that effect, and then I was stomping with the best of them.

Does that mean that all these other folks had Vigor Vivus? I don't think it means that, but without a personal interview I'm not really in a position to judge. It did occur to me, the question of how many people have it and how many don't. But, again, I'm no judge. Suffice it to say, I have the suspicion that there's a lot of people out there suffering with and entrapped in a "life" of Rigor Mortis. Which is sad, tough to contemplate.

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