Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coffee Shop Now Under Billionaire Management

The billionaire, since those innocent days of the craft sale this past Saturday, has become a well-known figure in town. To think! Last week I hadn't even heard of him! Makes me wonder what might happen next week. I might achieve the very last goal of my life, to ride a blimp! Ha! Just kidding, that'll never happen... There isn't a blimp-port anywhere between here and Akron.

Not only is the billionaire well-known, but he's the only thing anyone can talk about. "The billionaire this, the billionaire that." How'd we ever exist before the billionaire? Seriously, I'm asking; he's enhanced every one of our lives to such an incredible degree that, it's literally incredible. May God richly bless the billionaire, with no play on words intended.

So what's it all mean for me today? You may remember, I got one of the free latte coupons for the coffee shop downtown. Which has been "burning a hole in my pocket" ever since I got my hot little hands on it. But when I get something like that, a blessing, a bonus, I like to put it back and not use it immediately. It's a matter of treating myself only when the time's right. For, you see, I've never had the advantages of the billionaire, being able like him to just burn my blessings on a moment's notice. To me, coffee's a precious commodity.

But the good book says there's a time for every thing under heaven, which includes using your free latte coupons. So downtown I went, then immediately I saw a problem. It was like the last night at Porky's; everyone in town, give or take, was there cashing in their coupons. Meaning it was going to take all day to get my free latte. There was a triple layer line winding all the way around the courthouse. With the police then just east, keeping the street open and sending across whoever was next. Traffic was a snarl.

Well, what can you do but take your place in line? I'm glad I had my iPod with me, because I can read my Kindle and it takes a lot less power than the phone. I looked at it like this, What a blessing the billionaire's given me! Not only do I get the day off to read, but standing and walking slowly is also a cool discipline. Add to that the togetherness this city's enjoying, being in line and hearing everyone's take on the billionaire.

Right away, I heard some grumbling, that the billionaire's already bought the coffee shop. I saw Red and Mary close to the front of the shop, greeting people and smiling. Obviously they were happy with their new-found fortune, and wanting people to see there were no hard feelings. It's only right that they were so well-compensated. It's all good. The billionaire will spruce up the place and maybe bring in some better menu options.

As the line winded along, eventually I was on the verge of the street and got my police escort across. When, who comes out to talk to the folks entering but the billionaire! He remembered me, too, a very lovely gesture, recalling the quality of my Easter bunnies."The Easter bunny guy!" I was careful not to talk inside baseball, since there's no reason to screw with people's head. I remember he said that.

Inside the coffee shop, everyone was happy, but busy. They asked that we either drink our free latte quickly and make way for others, or take it out. The bonus for taking it out was a free donut, which was yet another blessing ... in what's becoming a long line of them.

On my way out, I looked over at the billionaire, so comfortable in his own skin. Which, of course, he can afford to be. His only worry has to be what he's going to buy next ... and why. Whereas a guy like me, I'm happy with a free latte and donut any day of the week. What a precious commodity, as I said.

The billionaire ... he's so cool!

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