Saturday, August 1, 2009

April and August

Well, here goes nothing. I'm writing out of a sense of duty, not inspiration. When you're on a schedule, time waits for no man, as they say.

It feels funny (not ha ha) writing about something other than my hiatus, which now of course is officially over. So I won't be saying much more about it. I'm moving on. Back in the saddle. Willing to work for food.

But I promised a couple days ago to say something about August being a great time to start fresh with something other than the hiatus. I like the word 'August.' It's a good fat, chunky word. To me it's the fattest of all the months. If it weren't for the T on the end it'd be obese. But that T makes it just fat with a hint of lean. Look at the butt on the G. It's hanging down, dragging on the ground.

Each of the months' names have a feel to them but none feel quite as rotund as August. That UGU makes me feel bloated just looking at it. Like "ugh"! I can't move. It's some African tribe that eats people, the giant Ugu tribe.

But all the "embers" (with "ober") sound "limber," even though the MB is big. The M goes up and the butt on B is tight. Plus they're a series, like skinny dominoes about to fall over. October is the roundest one of course, with the O's. And even though it's longer than August, simply because it's mixed in with the other limber months, it hides its girth by being lost in company. And O's roll off the tongue, never slowing you down.

But poor August, poor if you think being weighty is bad, which it isn't always. If you're so skinny that people stare, that's no good. Plus, it's good to have a little meat on; it gives bones something to do and helps your skeleton stay in place. But August sticks out. It's got tiny little July on one side and limber September on the other. It sticks out like a baby elephant. There's no hiding the big guy.

So add it all up. All the weight, it's a time to work out and lose some of that, so right there's a great reason to get back to work.

And look, since my hiatus started in April, which starts with A, how's that for symmetry that I would be back to work in the other month starting with an A? And look how skinny April is with the "IL." It makes a good bookend for August. We say from "A to Z," but this is from "A to A," very significant indeed.

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