Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tweets - 08-09-2009

Preamble: Friends, and I do believe you are all my friends, I only have one tweet to preserve today. So of course you know it better be a good one. And I believe it is.

It is a very succinct reiteration of something I said on my post, basically the three options I saw at that time vis-a-vis my dealings with the Grange Brotherhood.

Without further ado here it is, and I will have something brief to say afterwards:

It's quandary time: 1) I might join the Grange Brotherhood; 2) I might withdraw and ignore them; 3) I might take them on as an enemy. 1 2 3.

That's nice. It reminds me of one of my biggest fears in life, which I know is beside the point, but since I recall it now this is the time to set it down.

I used to hear about guys going out to the rock quandary near where we lived. But I myself never went to one, at least for the same reason they went there. The quandary, I guess, was abandoned when the vein had run dry (I know the feeling).

Anyway, what they left behind was a big hole that was filled with water. The rumor was that it was 400 feet deep or something. The guys would be out there swimming, maybe drinking, and a lot of foolish horseplay would ensue. I heard of a few guys drowning out there. So it's very dangerous. 1) It's the middle of the night; 2) These guys are fools; 3) There's no supervision; 4) You get the idea.

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