Friday, August 28, 2009

Working With The Sacred Back Scratcher On Twitter (Tweets)

I could get more followers by divining them in with a sacred sword, but it's bad karma to use your powers for self-defeating ends.

I already have enough problems with it because I always forget. Then the power rebounds. And I end up in the cellar drain, cooling off.

There's even consequences for substituting a sacred back scratcher, believe it or not. Because it's all inner work, it's easy to mess it up.

But surely it wouldn't hurt to divine a couple. I'll just pretend it's a regular back scratcher. "Eye of the tiger! Yoni and Cutlass...!"

Arcing it back and forth slowly in front of my screen like a metronome, rhythmically, seeing the light flash through the scratcher tines...

With the cushion as the base, the hanging hole is the third eye, the tines at times the tiger's claw, and at times the hair of the gods.

I gaze into infinity, knowing again that it is inner work. Past even the gross corporeality of my brain lobes, into the light unseen...

...Now I'm bringing the tines toward my forehead. This is the approach of the tiger. "Mean you well?" I mentally ask, with caution.

Closer and closer the claw moves in. If I flinch, if I even flickr, it will be the picture of doom. ... Let me slow down ... This is deadly.

My eyes are trained on the tiger's claw. It's trying to head fake me. But I stand my ground completely, and gaze back with eyes of power.

My mental intensity in the face of this deadly encounter is unwavering. Like my dog looks at me when she needs to go out.

Now I'm thinking of fire ... the fire of destruction first. And second I gaze at the tiger's claw with a pleasant fire, like a fireplace.

It is backing off. Backing off more. And finally backing off completely. I lay the back scratcher down. I stroke its wooden length.

The work is complete. But what I'm wishing for? It really is not for more followers, but for those LIKE ME, who I would enjoy reading.

This is my last tweet: Why can't I encounter ME in the world without it being literally ME? But a 2nd. That's my request, O back scratcher.

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