Monday, August 24, 2009

Everything's Coming To A Head

First, let me say I'm thankful for the special honors, the "Already Classic" designation given to my post on the mule, or whatever it was, standing still, standing alone, something. But I can't rest on my gold stamps, no matter how many arrows they have inexplicably piercing them. I must press on!

I have a strange feeling that everything's coming to a head on this whole Grange Sisterhood affair, with the Peruvian queens, princesses, breeding thing, and the killing of young men. And to say I feel it's coming to a head is a major statement, because the roots of this affair apparently go back somewhere between 50-70 years.

It could be coming to a head relatively soon, which in that context could still be years or decades away. I hope it's not decades because I'd like to live to see it come to a head. Let's say it takes decades. I've announced it's coming to a head, which in that case would be meaningless. But whether it comes to a head in the next few weeks or a year from now, that's still pretty soon. I don't see it coming to a head today or this week. It'll surely take longer than that to come to a head.

The thing for me is to be ready, more or less prepared for when it does come to a head. But since I still am not sure what I'm up against, what the parameters of the thing are, to determine when it will come to a head is hard to do. I only know the bare essentials and really not even that. I know there's horses involved. And some strange esoteric lore about mules. And as to the Peruvian queen, I did meet her, or someone posing as her. It seems so complicated I ought to just sit down and figure out where we are.

Is it a mystery? I don't know. Is there another Peruvian queen? I don't know anything about it. Is Grandma in on it? All signs are pointing "No." A lot of people don't get bedsores. I feel kind of stupid, but I do know something's going on. Even if the Grange Sisterhood simply exists to maintain the old ways, they're doing it in a funny way. Wouldn't it be funny if nothing was really going on? But how to explain the horses kicking people to death? And all the Peruvian stuff with Lemuel.

All this somehow touches me. And my best guess is that it appears to be coming to a head.

It's hard for me to believe this simple little house might be the nexus of a rural conspiracy going back 50-70 years. But there has to be something about it, because I'm electrified with anxious anticipation, worrying that everything might come to a head and overwhelm me.

I'm going to cut this short today, because I need time to return to the cellar. I'm starting to think the "Sex and the Single Girl" book might have been just one aspect of this whole story. I'm kicking myself that I haven't gone through the things in the cellar before, and I had a whole year.

I could've been on top of this way before it came to a head.

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