Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Will Not Be Silenced

I've been very above board the whole time I've had this blog. I haven't been reluctant to state my opinion and let the chips fall where they may. I've never hidden behind an assumed name, but instead have bravely posted anything and everything quite openly and honestly.

This has had some consequences, positive and negative. What's been positive is the personal satisfaction of knowing I'm an honest, straight shooting guy. Plus, at least there for a while, I had followers and friends, and I've always appreciated them.

Concerning the negative consequences, I think I've been clear about those as well. When my so-called friends and followers abandoned me during my prolonged hiatus, I allowed a root of bitterness its free course. Sustained and nourished by my constant resentment, as I seethed and gave free vent to loathing and recriminations, the root issued forth in vines and the densest of brush, all becoming such a thick tangle that I needed a machete just to comb my hair.

When you're out there like that, as I've been, those who drove by or passed me knew, That's where he lives, that sad, sad man. But the days of the hiatus are over with and we've all moved on.

But now there are other negative consequences presenting themselves, threats against me. These have come just this week when I turned my attention to group dynamics and grange culture. No, there haven't been anonymous scholars at my door disputing my theories on group dynamics, although I can't help thinking there are professors out there who'd love to burn my house down. (Professors always question whether a layman without their academic indoctrination can be credibly conversant on any subject.) In this case it isn't professors, but the representatives of grange culture who have made their negative feelings known.

This is something I expected, but I will continue to be direct and brave. I will not be silenced.

You see, I have an innate knowledge of group dynamics, extending even into grange culture, and therein is the truth that shall set me free. Add to that everything I know about the different degrees of disaffection of the generations since your heyday, and you know I have an in that you won't be able to withstand. You, my friends, are acting out of fear, not confidence. I welcome the confrontation, because I'm going to know where to stick the knife, and I'm going to know where to slice this thing with maximum effectiveness.

Oh man! Honestly I began this post feeling queasy and reticent. I was thinking How can I put on a brave face and maybe bluff these grange devils away from my door? But just the last couple of paragraphs have brought forth in my consciousness that indeed I do have the upper hand, no bluff. That's the kind of inner power you don't get from following external grange rules. (I don't want to say too much and give you an in. But I know something about this you don't know.) And I'm taking this thing right up the line, my friends. Maybe I'll cut here -- I could -- like cutting butter. Maybe I'll cut this other place, like slicing through whipped cream.

I foresee some immediate backing away. Because they'll be able to tell I'm not kidding. True. The key thing you ought to know is this: You are tangling with the wrong person and that's a fact. But I'm begging you -- begging you, if you want to remain the fool -- Bring it on, suckers!

What rich glory that shall be for me!

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