Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Tomorrow, New Today

Several days have passed. I've been in touch with several people from the country, including one I trust completely, Cousin Roto. I always wondered why he didn't invite me out to his place more often, and he confirmed to me that with changing times, the country had become a much more paranoid place, as they struggled to hold their own against what they took to be the encroaching moves of the city.

A lot of the pieces fell in place during our discussions. And in addition to visiting with Roto, who may very well come out of this sitting pretty, being related to me, I conferred with some of the underlings from the Grange Brotherhood, who wish to remain nameless for the present time. That fact alone shows the paranoia is running thick and deep out there. And they have other grievances, such things as there being very little movement in the ranks. Apparently once a tree sitter, always a tree sitter. So if I get the opportunity, I assured them I would grease the skids once in a while. I said this with a wink, and they got the idea.

I hate to say I'm making inroads, because I'm as a superstitious as they come about counting chickens. But I feel like I'm miles ahead from several days ago, the last dance now being a couple weeks ago. I sat and stewed, seeking guidance from within. Then I decided if the world was passing me by anyway, I may as well put forth an effort. What's the worst that could happen? That the world would continue passing me by? You can probably tell by my tone that I'm alive and kickin'. That's true!

Quite frankly I'm thinking we can make the country a showplace, something that will be the envy of the city. In limited ways, perhaps, we can open up vast areas of our great countryside and invite city folk out to it. I'm envisioning some loosening up of the paranoia -- not all the way, of course, just enough to make things better -- with the idea, at least, that there can be some exchange of ideas, even perhaps a free flow of trade.

The city has been dying for new blood. And the city could use our crops. As it is now, with the paranoia, our farmers have used government subsidies to feed their families. Yet they've continued to plant crops, not as something to sell and that might feed the world, but to serve as better hiding places, outposts to guard against encroachment. And with paranoia, it's all fed on itself, to the point that most people don't even know the country is there anymore!

Amid this flurry of activity, I've come up with a new motto for the country. And if I have the opportunity to serve, I want it to be on all our stationery, fliers, TV ads, to be on T-shirts, etc. The motto is "New Tomorrow, New Today." I think it really hits the spot, because city folk, to the extent that they think of country folk at all, relegate them to yesterday. But this motto shows that we'll be thinking of tomorrow (future), while renewing the present moment (today). What could be friendlier sounding than that?

Along with the motto, I'll be seeking the help of design experts, graphics artists, to come up with a lively graphic scheme, which I'm envisioning as something like the sun about 20% over the horizon and perhaps we can work in a weather vane somewhere. Drawn in the current style of such things as informally yet as lively as possible, something playful yet serious, something that shows we're open for business and willing to engage. I love it!

Then down the road -- who knows when? With time sped up it could be tomorrow, but I hope not, because I need to prepare for this stuff sometime -- I want to teach the country folk to embrace their lifestyle. It might be like that commercial where the family in the old truck takes their produce to Kansas City for the farmers' market. Birdseye? Don't be ashamed of your old battle axe truck. Paint it and go for the charm factor. City folk love pride, which is why they make their buildings so tall. Then they go up there and look out over the country with binoculars to see if the country is also proud. And so far all they've been seeing is a bunch of black hooded guys in trees, flashing signals that interlopers are within 10 miles. That's no good.

With my design sense -- impeccable -- and my knowledge of group dynamics -- flawless -- and my abilities to convey the finer points of human environmental science, or as I like to call it, "Lifestyle Science -- Taking Life From Theory To Practice" -- outstanding -- there's really nothing that the country can't achieve!

I'll be conferring with Roto on this, and some of the Brotherhood underlings promised to get me some connections higher up, so we'll go from there. Speaking of lifestyle science, I'm thinking if I wear earth tone clothes that'll make them comfortable, and if I make sure to start out sitting to their right (like they're driving), then over time shift myself over to the power position, they won't know what hit them...

Right now I'm on top of the world, the Country World and the City World. I'm literally pumping my fist as I type this! Try it sometime!

"New Tomorrow, New Today!" So great!

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