Monday, September 21, 2009

Achievement Is Achievable (Tweets)

Our "Drive for Pride" rolls on. I'm going to be teaching groups, possibly classes about self-esteem and pride, pumping them up.

I know from experience that a lack of self-esteem and personal pride are great handicaps. But somehow I limped along and overcame it all.

Now these incredible teachings -- which I haven't actually written yet -- are about to land ... somewhere ... maybe a school near you.

It'll be me and a balloon-twisting female clown. She's very proud and pumped up. Her balloons are too, or they will be when we get there.

One of my main teachings -- I've been thinking about it all day -- is this: "Achievement is Achievable."

I plan to develop many themes on the subject. It'll be a lot of work. But since "Achievement is Achievable," I'm very optimistic.

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